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ENIEDA Panel Identity in Action and Interaction, ICA Regional Conference, 9-11 April 2015, Lodz, Poland...

The latest issue of Lodz Papers in Pragmatics (10.2) is out...


The European Network for Intercultural Education Activities (ENIEDA) is a collaborative academic network exploring innovative initiatives that promote the values of plurilingualism, democratic citizenship and intercultural cooperation. Focusing on Europe in geographical and geo-political terms primarily, but not exclusively, ENIEDA teams are committed to fostering best practice in linguistic and intercultultural education and academic networking across geographical and disciplinary boundaries.
ENIEDA was launched on the occasion of the First International Conference on Linguistic and Intercultural Education (CLIE1), convened and hosted by the University of Alba Iulia, Romania, 27- 29 November 2008. The conference was organised under the patronage of Mr Leonard Orban, European Commissioner for Multilingualism (2007-2010).
Languages - a bridge to a more inclusive Europe
Respect for linguistic and cultural diversity is a cornerstone of the European Union. But we must constantly renew our efforts to relate these values to citizens' lives.
Languages can make that link. Learning languages can make Europeans more aware that a better Europe lies at our doorsteps, a Europe that can deal with the complex reality of our multiethnic societies and the coexistence of different cultural identities and beliefs.
Language-learning bridges cultures. It promotes intercultural dialogue and respect. It is a wonderful tool for fostering dialogue and fighting racism and discrimination. It opens our horizons to the richness of cultures and ideas brought by migrants from all continents to the European area.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Leonard Orban

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