News 2015-2016

Lodz Papers in Pragmatics 11.1 is out

The latest volume of the journal Lodz Papers in Pragmatics has just been published and can be viewed online. Among the contributors are Piotr Cap (“A Few (Skeptical) Notes on the Theoretical Ramifications of Genres in the Contemporary Public Space”), Biljana Mišić Ilić and Milica Radulović (“Commissive and Expressive Illocutionary Acts in Political Discourse”), Rasheed S. Al-Jarrah, Ahmad M. Abu Dalu and Marwan Jarrah (“A Relevance–Theoretical Account of Three Arabic Pragmatic Operators of Concession in a Political Discourse”), Liang Chen, Tao Ming and Xiangyu Jiang (“The Relevance of the principle of Relevance for Word Order Variation in Complex Referring Expressions in Mandarin Chinese”) and Desislava Cheshmedzhieva-Stoycheva (“‘Je suis Muslim’: The Image of Muslims in a Bulgarian and a British Newspaper”). The concluding contribution is by Svetlana Kurteš, who reviews a monograph Why Discourse Matters: Negotiating Identity in the Mediatized World, co-edited by Yusuf Kalyango, Jr. and Monika Weronika Kopytowska.

Published on Thursday, 16 July 2015

7th Lodz Symposium (NDLP2015) organised in collaboration with ENIEDA

The 7th International Symposium New Developments in Linguistics Pragmatics (12-14 April 2015), was hosted by the Department of Pragmatics, University of Lodz, Poland, and organised in collaboration with the ENIEDA Network. The collaboration comes up as yet another example of best practice in academic networking, showcasing the strenght of our long-standing professional ties with our colleagues from the University of Lodz, most notably with Professor Piotr Cap (Chair of NDLP2015) and Dr Monika Kopytowska (member of the NDLP2015 Organising Committee). The Symposium featured another ENIEDA thematic panel, entitled Identity in text, context, reality: between conflict and cooperation. The panel was organised by Dr Svetlana Kurteš and Dr Monika Kopytowska and among the invited participants were Professor Zohreh Eslami (Texas A&M University, USA), Dr Jagoda Granic (University of Split, Croatia), Dr Maja Halilovic-Pastuovic (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland), Ms Biljana Savikj (University of Cambridge, UK), Dr Alcina Sousa (Unviersity of Madeira, Portugal), and others.

Published on Monday, 20 April 2015

ENIEDA Panel featuring Professor Dániel Kádár

We are pleased to announce that the next ENIEDA panel featured at the International Communication Association (ICA) Regional Conference, which took place at the University of Lodz (Poland) from 9-11 April 2015. The conference theme was Expanding communication: old boundaries and new frontiers. The panel, entitled Identity in action and interaction,  looked at variations of identities in (inter)action, particularly in the context of professional communication, political (and/or politicised) discourse and education practices across and beyond regional and cultural boundaries. The implications of globalization, mediatization, deterritorialization and hybridization for identity construction and negotiation, along with the availability, use, and impact of various semiotic resources, was also discussed. Organised and convened by Dr Svetlana Kurteš and Dr Monika Kopytowska, the panel featured Professor Dániel Z. Kádár (University of Huddersfield, UK) both as the introductory keynote speaker and discussant. Among other confirmed participants were Professor Zohreh Eslami (Texas A&M University, USA), Professor Michael Hinner (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany), Dr Vladimir Žegarac (University of Bedfordshire, UK), Ms Zorica Trajkova (Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia), Dr Jagoda Granic (University of Split, Croatia), Dr Baljit Kaur (University of Malaya, Malaysia) and Dr Alcina Sousa (University of Madeira, Portugal).

Published on Sunday, 01 February 2015