From our initial Europe-based and pragmatics-anchored programme of research, we have evolved into an expanding global community of academic collaborators, whose activities go beyond and across all boundaries – regional, cultural, scholarly, disciplinary, phenomenological.

Our activities include the following:

  • Design, coordination and implementation of research, knowledge-transfer and scholarly activities in the area of linguistic and intercultural education, as well as identity and communication studies from a cross-disciplinary global perspective;
  • Preparation and submission of joint research and development proposals;
  • Joint interdisciplinary educational activities, such as MA and PhD supervision, evaluation and assessment;
  • Interdisciplinary courses and research and development projects jointly developed by specialists in linguistics, education studies, multilingualism, intercultural communication, sociology, anthropology, political science attempting to:
  • (a) Explore the current dynamics between old and new trends, local and global tendencies, progressive and conservative views, stabilisation and destabilisation patterns, regional, national and suprnational identities;
  • (b) Deconstruct and interpret the issues of integration, (im)migration, identity and democratic citizenship in the Wider Europe and beyond.